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I'm one of us! I have the blood of all our ancestors, from the beginning of time, running through my veins, just like you.

On evolution and methaphors

Anti-evolutionists have often used the argument that for evolution to succeed, it would be like a thousand monkeys typing randomly on typewriters for years and years and having a beautiful novel come out of it. This is closer to the … Continue reading

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If I die in 5 minutes….

My most fundamental thoughts on society are: – the human population of earth seems to be “progressing” and showing it can rise above “us-vs-them” by realising that we are all part of creation – this progress is based on oil … Continue reading

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I am a westerner, and I like to see everyone’s face

Whether I am dealing with people or just reading about them, I like to see their faces. I understand that there is a certain power in hiding one’s face; we judge each other by how we look and what emotions … Continue reading

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Are Rules Replacing Culture?

Culture is tradition. That is, it is the set of standard and expected behaviours that a person (or animal?) (or plant?) has negotiated over time with those around him or her. The fact that every person in the culture has … Continue reading

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